IPO allotment of Sun Nepal Life Insurance completed, how can you see your results?

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For the general public, the IPO offers 7,68,000 shares at a price of NPR 239, and each individuals will get 10 units if alloted.

Kathmandu, Nepal Life Insurance has officially opened its Initial Public Offering (IPO) for subscription from the 32nd of Shrawan to the 4th of Bhadra. The IPO launch was announced today, Friday morning, with much excitement.

The IPO bidding process will take place at the office of Nepal SBI Merchant Banking, the sales manager for the IPO.

For the general public, the IPO offers 7,68,000 shares at a price of NPR 239, and each individuals will get 10 units if alloted.

Investors can check the IPO result through Nepal SBI Merchant Banking's website, nsmbl.com.np, and also through the website of CDSC and Clearing Limited at https://iporesult.cdsc.com.np/. Additionally, the company's official website, sunlife.com.np, will also provide the result. Shareholders can also view the IPO result through the Share Hub app.

Prior to this, the company had allocated 9,60,000 shares for Nepali workers employed abroad. The company's decision to issue 96 lakh ordinary shares, 30% of total authorized capital of NPR 3 Arab 20 Crore aims to provide an opportunity for foreign-based Nepali workers to invest and benefit from the company's growth.

Out of the total shares allocated for foreign employment, 9,60,000 shares were distributed at a face value of NPR 100 each, with an added value of NPR 139 per share, making the total price NPR 239 per share. This special issuance aims to support Nepali individuals working overseas.

Moreover, 4,80,000 shares have been reserved for collective investment funds, and an equal number of shares have been set aside for the company's employees. These reserved shares are meant to ensure the security of the investments made by investment funds and provide a safe investment option for the company's employees.

The remaining 76,80,000 shares have been set at an additional value of NPR 139 per share on top of the face value of NPR 100, making the total price NPR 239 per share for the general public. This allocation is part of the company's commitment to offer opportunities for individuals to become shareholders and participate in its journey of growth.

With the IPO now open for subscription, individuals from all walks of life have the chance to invest in Nepal Life Insurance and potentially reap the benefits of the company's success. The IPO subscription period will remain open until Bhadra 4, providing ample time for interested investors to participate in this exciting opportunity.

How to see IPO result from ShareHub App:

First of all you have to download Share Hub app from https://onelink.to/share_hub

  1. Go to "Services" page clicking on the bottom navigation bar
  2. Open IPO result section
  3. Click on '+" button on bottom of page and add your BOID's
  4. Now click on "Bulk Check"
  5. Now select the company 
  6. Click on "Check" button any your result will be there in seconds
  7. Share your results on Social Media hiding your details

Results will be published after some time on Share Hub.

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