New party used social media to spoil people's mood, Congress lagged behind: Mahat

Mon, Aug 21, 2023 15:13

He said that the new party does social service on half a minute of TikTok.

Kathmandu. Nepali Congress spokesman and Finance Minister Prakash Sharan Mahatala said that the goal of the Congress is to create economic prosperity and ensure prosperity to every citizen. 

Speaking at an event organised by the Afno Party in the capital on Saturday, he said, "We are fine in terms of ideas and principles. Our goal is to bring economic prosperity and prosperity to everyone. Prosperity is limited to a person. The party will be formed to achieve prosperity. We are going to join the party. Every day we do our work and publicize the work. ’

Mahat argued that one person should not be made indispensable in the organization. "This is a management principle. If nothing happens without it, it is a failure of the organization. If there is no one, another will come. The party continues to move forward. The party will be strong. The party should run on the principle that the organization will continue to move forward. ’

Stating that all the strength of the Congress should be connected, he said that all those who think, speak, write and show the way should be united together. Mahat said that if all this is added, the Congress will be strong and the mission will be successful. "Nothing will happen alone," he said. Only if we combine the capabilities and qualities that we all have will transform. Someone may have the ability to speak. Someone may have the ability to organize. You may have the ability to decide where politics is going without telling anyone. No one is perfect. There is no one in the Congress who raises the party alone like Hanuman raised a mountain. We can only lift mountains if everyone's strength and wisdom are used. ’

He said that the new party does social service on half a minute of TikTok and takes it to the hospital. This scene appears again and again. That's what it looks like. We begin to brainwash that we have done amazing things. In fact, the Nc cadres are helping the society more than that, mahat claimed. 

He said, "We did not think that these things should be shown by taking videos. We are always doing such things, our friends are doing all over the country, but the Congress has not done it to show off. It's not our goal to show, it's our goal to work. ’

Pointing out the difference between the NC and other parties, Spokesperson Mahat said it was necessary to explain the difference between the new party and the NC to the people. He said that the Congress should also increase the use of social media and information technology. Mahat said that the Congress should also show the work done now. If we do not do this, then the flour of the speaker will also be sold and the rice of those who do not speak will not be sold," he said.


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