Decline in Orange Production: A Look at This Year's Scenario in Gulmi

Tue, Dec 05, 2023 17:51

This year, the production of oranges has decreased in Gulmi. Compared to last year's 366 metric tons of orange production, there has been a decrease, as reported by the Agriculture Knowledge Center, Gulmi.

Last year, the district produced 6,9438.4 metric tons of oranges, while this year, the production has dropped to only 6,5772.4 metric tons, according to the Agriculture Knowledge Center, Gulmi.

In the previous year, the district produced NPR 29 crore 37 lakhs 2 thousand 4 hundred 72 of oranges, resulting in an export value of NPR 13 Crore 21 lakhs. However, this year, with a production of NPR 23 Crore 78 lakhs 55 thousand 1 hundred and 56  of oranges, the expected export value is only NPR 12 crore 84 lakhs according to Navaraj Bhandari, the head of the Agriculture Knowledge Center.

The average price of oranges this year is NPR 48 per kg. According to the office, the decline in orange production is attributed to factors such as lack of irrigation and neglect of proper pruning. Out of the district's total orange cultivation area of 1,027 hectares, there are 4 lakhs 10 thousand orange trees. Among them, 60 per cent only have fruit bearing.

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