Last day to apply for Right Shares of these three companies !

आइतबार, ३१ भदौ २०८०, ९:२६ AM

Today is the last day to apply for the rights shares issued by Arun Kabeli Power Limited, Synergy Power Development Limited and Multipurpose Finance Company. Shareholders of the company can submit their applications for the rights shares until today, which is Bhadra 31st, during banking hours.

Arun Kabeli Power Limited

The company has opened the sale of 1,85,52,105 rights shares at a par value of 100 rupees per share. For these rights shares, it has set the book closure date as Ashar 25th. Therefore, investors can apply for the rights shares until Ashar 24th. According to the Central Depository System (CDS), applications have been submitted for 1,76,76,648 units as of Sunday morning.

Where to Apply?

Nabil Investment Banking is managing the sale of rights shares. Applications for rights shares can be submitted at Nabil Investment Banking and Arun Kabeli's office in Trade Tower, Thapathali.

Payments can only be made by check when applying from the mentioned location. Applicants can also apply through the branches of Himalayan and Nabil banks. In addition, applications can be submitted through demat accounts at authorized banks and financial institutions.

The company's paid-up capital is 1,85,52,100 rupees. After the issuance of the rights shares, the paid-up capital will reach 3,71,21,000 rupees.

Synergy Power Development Limited

The company has issued new shares equivalent to 50% of the rights shares, which means that for every 2 existing shares, shareholders are entitled to 1 new share. The company has opened the sale of rights shares from Bhadra 3rd.

The company has released a total of 40,32,875 rights shares at a par value of 100 rupees per share, which is equivalent to 40,32,875 units.

Shrawan 12 was the book closure date so the share holders who have purchase the shares until Shrawan 11 are eligible to apply.

Where to Apply?

Investors can submit their applications through the branches of Sanima Capital and Sanima Bank. In addition, they can apply through Nepal Depository Board (Nepal Dhitopatra Board) and banks and financial institutions that are participating in the ASBA system, as well as through the Mero Share Online application system developed by CDSC and Clearing. Sanima Capital Limited is managing the issuance and sale of the rights shares for the company.

The company has been assigned a rating of "BB+" (Double B Plus) by ICRA Nepal for the rights issuance, indicating a moderate level of risk in meeting financial obligations in a timely manner.

Multipurpose Finance Company Limited (MPFL)

Multipurpose Finance Company Limited (MPFL) is concluding the subscription period for its ongoing rights issue of 15,82,000 units, with a ratio of 1:0.35, at a par value of Rs. 100 per share. This subscription period began on the 10th of Bhadra and will close today, the 31st of Bhadra, 2080. We urge all eligible shareholders to apply for these right shares before the end of banking hours today.

As of now, the company's current paid-up capital stands at Rs. 45.20 Crores. After the issuance of the 15.82 lakh units of right shares in the ratio of 1:0.35, the company's paid-up capital will increase to Rs. 61.02 Crores.

Muktinath Capital Limited has been designated as the issue manager for this rights offering.

Previously, the company had announced a book closure date for its rights offering, which was the 12th of Shrawan. Therefore, shareholders who held shares before that date are eligible to participate in the rights offering.

Where to Apply?

Applicants for the company's rights offering can submit their applications through designated branches of Muktinath Capital, Multipurpose Finance, and Muktinath Bikas Bank. In addition, they can participate in the ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) system as approved by the Nepal Stock Exchange, along with participation from various banks and financial institutions. Applicants can also use the Mero Share online platform for application submission.

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